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Electrical Items

Down Shop Leads accessories

  • Trolley Holders
  • Expansion Joints
  • Steel Aluminium / Copper Straps
  • Signal Lamp Units
  • Shrouded Basbars System

Current Collectors
  • Spring loaded Pantograph type Current Collectors for Copper headed Rail Bus Bars
  • Gravity type Current Collectors for M S Angle
  • Rail Bus Bars

Copper headed rail bus bars & its mounting accessories
  • Back Clamps
  • Rigid Clamps
  • Flexible Joint

Catenary Spares
  • Grooved Copper Conductors
  • End Terminations
  • Dropper Assemblies
  • Sectionalisors
  • Counter Weights

Cable Trays
  • Perforated Type
  • Ladder Type

Festoon Cable Carriers

99.9% Electrolytic Copper Forged Contacts

Silver Cadmium Oxide tipped Contacts

Arc Chutes

Braided Copper Jumpers

Wire Wound Resistance Tubular Type & Flat Type

Cast Iron Grid type Resistance Boxes


L.T. Porcelain Insulators

Power Distribution Boards, Isolator Panels

Copper Electrode, Anode Bridges

Industrial Type Plug & Sockets

Terminal Switches & everything Insulating Moduled Spares made from Textolite, Asbestors, Fabric base Fibre, Bakelite, Ebonite, Micanite etc. etc.

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    (Formerly 3 Mangoe Lane),
    Kolkata- 700 001 [India]
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    Factory: +91 33 6512 8579

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